I’m Jim Morris, The Communicaterer. I think up advertising ideas and write advertising copy. I’m also Jim Morris, former bass player for Huge Hart; author of We are Flintstones Kids, Ten Million Strong and Growing; former Chief Creative Officer at Maddock Douglas; husband of Geri, father of Brett and Holly and keeper of Mao, Olive and Thud; occasional contributor to AdWeek.com, The Marketing Spot, Cloverview and so on;  Monterey Pop attendee; the brain in which Chairman Jimmy roams; left-handed ex-marathoner with an unnatural fondness for corduroy, hippos, rocks, sugar, Nabokov, The White Sox and Lake Superior. Apparently, I’m a joy with whom to work. Perhaps we can be of some use to each other. Why not make contact?

1423 Leonard Place - Evenston, Illinois 60201 - Phone 847-869-3415
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